Sleep Medicine Made Easy

Tatch offers easy access to patient sleep data, so you can provide better care, grow sleep testing services and add additional revenue to your practice

Easy at Home
Sleep Testing
8 Precise

  • Respiratory effort
  • Flow
  • Oxygen level
  • Heart rate
  • Body position
  • Movement
  • Snore
  • Pleth

Evaluating sleep apnea can be difficult for clinicians. Access is limited, there are long waiting periods and the patient process can be cumbersome. Tatch has the potential to revolutionize our field, helping improve sleep and quality of life for many.”

Dr. Sonia Ancoli-Israel

Professor Emeritus and Professor of Research at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, Past-President of the Sleep Research Society (SRS), Executive Board of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).
  • Easily collect patient data
  • Track patients and progress
  • Create actionable reports
  • Collaborate with medical providers

Web-based Analysis Portal

  • Full night raw-data access
  • Custom scoring platform
  • Easy study management